Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Latourell Falls

If you are a waterfall lover like I am, you have to take a trip through the Columbia River Gorge if you ever find yourself in the Pacific Northwest.  There are 108 recognized falls in the region and a number of them can almost be seen from your car with next to no hiking needed to reach them. 

This 249-foot waterfall is one of those that is easy to see.  Just follow the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway. To view this waterfall just follow the short uphill path from the picnic area.

There are also a couple of other paths you can take from the picnic area. One leads down to the bottom of the falls and takes you along the creek as it continues to run towards the Columbia River.

If you're feeling a little adventurous you can also take a short 0.8 mile hike hike to the Upper Latourell Falls where you can actually walk behind the falls.  The upper falls drop 75-100 feet into Latourell Creek before dropping the 249 feet you see here.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Night in Tacoma

It's been a while since I got out to take any kind of night shots so I packed up the camera gear and decided to head into downtown Tacoma to see what I could find to photograph.  I'd been wanting to try to take some photos of the new(ish) convention center but every time I'd gone in the daytime there were always too many people around, too much traffic, and the light just never seemed to cooperate.  Turns out the timing was great this night.

The weather held up for me and there were no big events going on at the Convention Center that would have people milling around in the hallways and flowing in and out of the doors. 

I took a few shots from various angles of the building and then played with them in color and in black and white, and still can't decide which versions I like better.  Here is another shot that was taken just to the right of the one above and then converted to Black and White.

Which look do you like better?  Please leave me a comment with your opinion and let me know. You can actually see the color version of this shot in the Gallery and also on the home page of my site for now.