Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Covered Bridges of Oregon

A couple of years ago, I was on a trip back from a weekend of shooting waterfalls in Oregon, when I came around a corner and drove right past a very cool looking covered bridge.  I was totally surprised to see one here on the west coast, because for some reason, I was under the impression the only covered bridges left in America were all back east in small towns.

So imagine my surprise when I got home and looked into the history of that bridge, only to discover a listing of 53 covered bridges in Oregon!  Well, needless to say that discovery led to a lot of reading up on those bridges and to the beginning of a plan on how I could take a long weekend and see and photograph as many of those bridges as possible.  I put together a route that looked like it would take the least amount of time and loaded all that information into my GPS... and then waiting for the right time to put the plan into action.

I mentioned the trip a number of times to a fellow photographer, and she loved the idea and mentioned that she'd love to go with if I did it.  Well, that time finally came at the end of July of this year, and we hit the road for 3+ days of covered bridge fun.  

The weather didn't cooperate (of course) and instead of having nice cloudy skies for nicer light all day long, there wasn't a cloud to be seen ...  which only leads to very harsh light and photos that are so-so at best.  We wanted to make the best of it though and if nothing else, at least scout out as many of those bridges as possible, and to make notes on which would be worth a return trip.  I knew we could probably cross a good number of these bridges off the list and they would be one-and-done .... but the hope was to find a handful that would offer the possibility of great fall colors and better photo opportunities in the future, and to maybe return and try again when the weather offered better conditions for photography.

 I'm thinking this could be a good place to at least share photos of each of those bridges and impressions from the first visit to each.  Plus it gives me a place to document which ones I'd like to return to, in case I lose my notes somewhere before then.  Hopefully some of these photos and notes might help you pick a few bridges you wouldn't mind visiting yourself if you're into photography as well.

I will try to post a few each week until I get though all 50 that were visited on this trip.  Stayed tuned if you're interested...

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