Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shimanek Covered Bridge

I've been looking into the history on some of these bridges over the last week, and I have to say it's really interesting to read about how many of these covered bridges are not the first to be sitting in their current locations.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that so many of the original bridges had been destroyed by fire or flooding over the years.

This was the first non-white painted bridge on the trip, and I have to admit it was kind of nice to see the red paint as we came around the corner and got our first look at it.

The bridge is 130 feet long, and the current structure was completed in 1966, replacing a similar structure that was severely damaged by the Columbus Day Storm of 1962,  It is the fifth bridge at this location. The bridge that stood here before this one had been built in 1927, while the original is thought to have been built in 1861. The current bridge doesn't follow the usual open-sided structure as most of the Oregon bridges and instead has unique rounded portals in the sides.

This is the longest covered bridge in Linn County and the newest, after a county crew renovated the structure in 2002, repairing damage caused by a flood in 1996.

Another feature of this bridge that was a little different than most of the other bridges on this trip, is that this bridge used 4 rods at each truss instead of the three that were usually used in the other bridges.  You can see those here.

Photo Notes:  This bridge sits on a pretty busy road, but it's in a nice location that offers some possible opportunities for future shots with fall colors around the bridge.  There is also a small farm with old equipment just off the road that could also offer some cool shots with nicer skies.
I tried to get a nice shot with one of the old wagons in this shot to show the possibilities.

Truss Type: Howe
Bridge Length (ft): 130
Year Built: 1966

Location:  Latitude: 44°42'56.2"N Longitude: 122°48'15.5"W

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