Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stayton-Jordan Bridge

The Stayton-Jordan Bridge was the second bridge on the trip, and was a quick sign that not all bridges this trip were going to be what I was picturing in my head before the trip.  The first surprise was that this bridge was not only no longer in service, but it had been moved to a park and was now a pedestrian only bridge.

The second surprise was that it had also been rebuilt due to the old bridge being lost to a fire back in 1994.  This would be a theme that would come up more than a few times over the long weekend... which added to my plan to take notes on all the different bridges we visited, and mark which were worth visiting again, and which ones might actually be a great location for Fall photos at some future date.

This bridge was actually in pretty good shape since it was rebuilt not that long ago, and the park setting might lead to having some nice fall colors around, but the fact that it is no longer in use, kind of took away something from it being a great location for a future photo shoot.

The original bridge was build in 1937 over Thomas Creek, in Linn County.  It was dismantled and moved to Stayton in 1985, before the Marine Corp stepped in and agreed to help move it to it's current location in the park.

This was the first full-sized covered bridge in Oregon to be dismantled, moved, and reassembled.

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