Friday, January 25, 2019

Jigsaw Puzzles

  Just a quick update on the Jigsaw puzzles that I decided to purchase for myself to test out the quality of the products.  They arrived last night, and even though this isn't the best photo of the boxes they came in, I have to say I was very impressed with how sturdy the boxes where and how professional the actual puzzle pieces where inside.  Sometimes when you have stuff made, the quality isn't something you have any control over and would be embarrassed to even attempt to sell.  Turns out this isn't the case here and I'm really happy with how great these turned out.  

Now I can't wait to finish my current puzzle so I can get started on putting these together.  They are smaller than what I've been doing lately, only being 1000 pieces, but that seems to be the size more people prefer so I just had to see how they would turn out at that size.  

Now I'm going to find myself shooting more and more photos with the idea of creating puzzle from them.  :)

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