Thursday, March 28, 2019

New England Fall - Part 8

This post ends my series on my trip to New England which I'm sure most of you are tired of reading about by now.  I just wanted to finish up with a couple of quick thoughts about the one thing I didn't enjoy about my trip, other than the fact that I missed fall peak colors yet again this year.  This is something that always bothers me no matter where I am in the United States: Telephone Poles, Billboards, and wires...

It seems like any time there is something to take photos of, you can't find an angle to shoot it where you don't have at least one of those three things in your shot, distracting from the view!  The more beautiful the view you have, the more signs, poles, wires, etc you have to deal with.  It's almost like someone sees a spot that is really pretty, and they decide that's the perfect spot for a HUGE billboard or the perfect location for a telephone pole with wires coming in from every angle possible.  LOL

There were so many cool buildings and towns and vistas that I would have loved to take photos of, where the photo was ruined by that kind of stuff.   I know there isn't really anything we can do about it as I don't think we'll ever see a time where all of our powerlines are buried and run underground like they are in Europe, but I dream about it all the time.  *sigh*

Okay, so maybe this was a little tongue in cheek and just me trying to be a little funny but anyone reading this that has pulled out their camera to shot something that caught their eye probably gets it!  :)

Here is an example of why it drives me crazy... here were tow more churches from my trip that were so very cool looking.  They almost looked more like castles than churches to me, and I wandered all the way around them, trying to find some way to shoot a photo of them without all those distractions in the way.  I almost gave up and just put the camera away, but the buildings were just too cool to not take a few photos.

AND now when I look at those photos... All I see is light poles, telephone and power cables and signs.  Yes, sometimes those things can be fixed in Photoshop but wouldn't it be a prettier world if we could look that stuff like this without all of that other stuff in the way?  :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my little rambling stories about my trip and hope the photos at least kept it interesting.  I should have actually written this series while I was on the road or at least as soon as I came back.  I think I could have made it a lot more entertaining while I was in the moment.

I plan on posting from the road on my next trip... which will be to Scotland, one week from today.  I hope some of you check in to follow my trip and I will do my best to post every night with photos if I can. Photos without powerlines and signs in every shot.  :)

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